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Visual Art Exhibiting Program

The goal of the Visual Art Exhibiting Program is to provide the community with displays and exhibits of high quality visual art while showcasing artists to new audiences. Multiple spaces throughout public facilities allow for a citywide approach to curating the best possible visual art experience for residents and visitors. We encourage all forms of visual art and are looking for opportunities to pair exhibits with like projects, themes and events throughout the year.

Described below are the directives, eligibility requirements and forms necessary to open communication between artists or groups and our team.

Program Directives

This program thrives through curating art exhibits that best meet cultural initiatives and the needs of the community. This could be achieved through coordination with like events, or pairing with music, theatre or live performances that occur at the same time. By sharing these initiatives we hope to maximize access for the community and providing a way for artists to display in a professional environment.

Artist Eligibility

  1. Permanent resident of the province of Alberta.
  2. Only original artwork created within the past 5-7 years will be considered, with an emphasis on fresh and new pieces.
  3. Senior high school aged residents of the City of Fort Saskatchewan (grades 10-12), are eligible to submit for consideration.
  4. Artists using any media are eligible. For example (but not limited to): watercolor, oil, carving, fibre arts, glass art, illustration, ink, mixed media, mosaic, painting, pencil, photography, pottery, printmaking and sculpture.
  5. Live or living art representations of any form will not be considered.

Artist Submission Procedures

  1. Artists who meet the eligibility requirements may submit their package through the following online form. Alternatively, a submission package can be picked up from City Hall, 10005 – 102 Street in Fort Saskatchewan, or the DCC Customer Service Desk.
  2. All artwork is to be submitted as a photographs. Five (5) photographs, at a minimum 300 dpi resolution are to be included in the submission package with a completed submission form. Completed packages can be submitted:
    1. Through the online submission portal found below.
    2. By email: at
    3. In person: at the Dow Centennial Centre Front Desk (8700 84 Street)
      Attention: Events Supervisor, Subject: Art Exhibit Submission
  3. Submissions will be tagged with the title of the exhibit, the artist’s name and phone number.
  4. All artwork will be presented to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will then review submissions bi-annually. Those who submit prior to the April 30th deadline will be reviewed in May, and those who submit prior to the August 31st deadline will be reviewed in September.
  5. The criteria used in selection of artist, artwork and allocated space are:
    1. The artistic integrity and the quality of the aesthetic experience;
    2. Variety of media exhibited overall within a curated time period;
    3. Size of exhibit and overall exhibit quality - Alberta Lottery Funds Art Gallery requires more than 15 pieces as size allows; and
    4. Contribution to art initiatives in the Fort Saskatchewan Community.
  6. Submittal to the program does not guarantee an exhibition. All exhibitors will be formally contacted.
I confirm that I have read the Visual Art Exhibiting Program guidelines and procedures.