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Property Tax Fort Electronic Payment Plan (FEPP) Pre-Authorization Application

This form is intended to collect information from the customer for the purpose of withdrawing funds from the bank for Taxes.

Please note: If you are looking to complete the FEPP Application Form for your Utility Account(s), DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM. Please go to the Utility Account Fort Electronic Payment Plan (FEPP) Pre-Authorization Application Form.

Property Tax FEPP Pre-Authorization Application

For eligibility to participate in the plan, all outstanding property taxes and penalties must be paid in full, including the months previous to the effective date of the current tax year. 

For example, if your annual property taxes are $3000, your monthly payment would be approximately $250.  If you are applying in May, you will need to pay $1250 upfront (January through May) and your first monthly withdrawal would be in June. 

If you have any questions, please contact Financial Services at 780-992-6228 before filling out the application form or submitting payments.

Please confirm which method below was used to pay the upfront payments for the current tax year:

Are you the property owner?

Is your home a brand new build?
Are your property taxes being paid through your mortgage?
Do you have a chequing account at a financial institution?